Karly and TJ Pancake


Hey there! 

My name is Karly Pancake. I am a follower of Jesus, wife to TJ Pancake, and mom to two beautiful loves. We are foster parents and have also adopted our two children through foster care. I quit my job as a Spanish teacher to homeschool my daughter, and my husband is a Growth Pastor here in Denton, Texas. 

I want to be clear about one thing: I write  because it helps me process and preach to myself. I do not write to elevate myself. I write to elevate Jesus. My hope is that my words point all of us back to Christ and the peace that comes when we place our hope in Him.

Whether you're considering foster care or adoption, you're in the trenches, or you're a supporter of foster and adoptive families, I'm here to encourage you to keep going!

I also have some resources available to help connect you to God and your kids.  Check them out!

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